Mastering The Five Elements Of Life 

Solidarity | Growth | Wisdom

Wealth & Wellness for young people of color is considered a non-existing factor of life. Our sense of mental, physical, community, relationships and richness is what inspired the five elements of life. What appears to be a strong-bold person in today’s world, are only hidden faces of difficulties, insecurities & vulnerabilities. Living the Life Of The Owl knocks down the revolting barriers that capture our attention away from building positive legacies, family bonds and generational wealth.

Come & join an exclusive group of LLU Students who've created a sense of solidarity, growth & wisdom amongst each other. Our monthly master courses & interactive conversations are lead by vetted LLU Alumni. To cross the burning sands you'll have to master the Five Elements Of Life - creating a community area of focus - balance of life - trust & purpose  - health & wellness - financial literacy - art of negotiation - personal, professional & business development - and the power of investing in each other.