Wealth & Wellness for young people of color is considered a non-existing factor of life. Our sense of mental, physical, community, relationships, and richness is what inspired the Five Elements Of Loté Life. What appears to be strong-bold person in today’s world, are only hidden faces of difficulties, insecurities & vulnerabilities. When you start mastering the Five Elements Of Life, it knocks down the revolting barriers that capture our attention away from building positive legacies, family bonds and generational wealth.

Exclusively designed for Loté Life Entrepreneurs to create focus, self commitment & daily aspirations - based around a sense of purpose, familiarity & responsibility. Our five elements are streamed live at the beginning of each month (Mon-Fri), and are separated into days of color to create a concentrated area of focus. We start by showing our family of entrepreneurs how to create a serene atmosphere - to help tap into our life's goals - business - family - relationships - opportunities - all while channeling our inner spirit of prosperity - and how to start adding the Loté Way Of Life into our daily lives. 

Mental Mondays - (Clarity & Happiness) 


Element I: So many people are dealing with untreated anger issues, ADHD, bipolar disorder, and depression. Our painted picture of toughness, nonchalant attitudes, and #IDGAF spirits are only shields of insecurities that hold us back from having successful lives. This first element sets the foundation on how to prepare our mind, body & spirit for what we set out to accomplish.



Physical Tuesdays - (Health & Harmony)
Element II: Our state of wellbeing starts with obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease. Our lack of activity, eating healthy and meditation are the #1 reasons why we are filled with poor excuses and have unsuccessful lives. The second element teaches us how to wake up with a sense of purpose, good energy, and how to create life changing practices. 

Community Wednesdays - (Independence & Optimism)
Element III: Our culture is filled with accepted negativities, stereotypes, and self hatred. Leaving us unable to escape to new worlds, new possibilities and a new Loté Way Of Life. The third element teaches us about etiquette, dressing accordingly, good networking skills & respectful social practices. 

Relationship Thursdays - (Trust & Purpose)
Element IV: Our mental state of abuse, jealousy and I can do bad by myself dispositions is what creates our lack of trust, purpose & missed opportunities. The fourth element breaks down the importance of becoming mentors, support systems and everything we want others to be to us. In order to understand the laws of attraction - we must first become what we are seeking - investors, partners, supportive friends & active family members etc.


Richness Fridays - (Wealth & Spirituality) 
Element V: Getting to the bag should come with more than just dollars, it should come with a sense of purpose, commitment & responsibility. Our relentless by-any-means-necessary attitude to succeed shouldn't be conflicted with the laws of humanity or come with a prison sentence. The final & fifth element taps into our lack of opportunity, credit, savings and how we treat our money - showing us that our buying power & how we money manage, is the only thing that will build generational wealth.  

This is not an attempt to discourage anyone from what they believe is possible. It's only designed to encourage you to believe in your own ideas. Business is about finding your passion, discovering what you love, what inspires you to be you and the knowledge you have to make it all possible. The Loté Way Of Life is about planning, planting your own seeds, giving them time to grow and pioneering your own fate. There are no perfect ideas, business plans or products, it's just the ones we choose to believe in. 

Loté Life is a culture, a lifestyle – a living, breathing ecosystem that thrives on innovative entrepreneurship and grows with every business success story.

- Charles W. "Ceaser" Graham II, CEO

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