Where Students Become Founders

Loté Life University was founded in 2012 by an avant-garde group of risk takers, forward thinkers and what the world would define as ambitious. We're in a powerful position to illustrate how business is growing & changing at a moment's notice and together we're here to achieve the ultimate goal of success. Our global hand extends to those who's ready to embody our urban-style, culture and influential business tactics for life.

Loté Life is more than a dot-com, more than a simple culmination of a number of innovative ideas that contribute to a greater whole. We imagine the passion & devotion of everyone that joins our extraordinary group of entrepreneurs, will create a clear confirmation that this isn’t a zero-sum game, but rather a positive-sum or even a win-win scenario – creating no limits or boundaries to where we can go and what we can build together.
This exclusive program is designed to create partnerships, raise startup capital and monopolize brands. Our student dues, special events and sponsorships collectively create a funding ecosystem for minority-owned entrepreneurs. Loté Life is a culture, a lifestyle – a living, breathing ecosystem that thrives on innovative entrepreneurship and grows with every business success story... Go Owls!

How Does Loté Life Establish It's Entrepreneurs?